Arthur Graham, President & CEO

Arthur has over fifteen years of experience in IT, working mostly as a Unix systems engineer in a consultant capacity. He experienced the “dot-com boom” and Y2K, and was involved in various projects that became the foundations of many of today’s everyday conveniences. The new millennium heralded a new chapter in his career: working in the telecom industry. Cell phones were revolutionizing the way in which the world communicated, and Arthur was thrilled to be in the thick of it. Eventually, his career took another turn when he became Vice President of Strategic Development at Precise Publications, a medical communications company started by his wife, Dr. Kathleen Ohleth. In his current role, he has to study trends, learn at rapid rates, and display considerable flexibility. Precise Publications is no stranger to helping people, as one of the their core operations is working hand-in-hand with the pharmaceutical industry. Creating Pedal for the Puzzle, a charity event to raise money and awareness for autism, was a natural progression. As Chief Executive Officer and a principal founder, Arthur is driven to help make a difference.


Lauren Holmes, Vice President

Lauren has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Rutgers University and more than two decades of medical and healthcare industry experience. She began her career at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey as a medical claims processor/adjuster, and went on to develop her leadership skills at places like PBI Regional Medical Center and BAYADA Home Health Care. Most recently, she worked for Celgene Corporation, a biopharma company that specializes in drug therapies for cancer and other severe inflammatory disorders, where she focused on assisting patients with gaining access to Celgene’s medications. Lauren’s experience in leadership has led her to become Chairperson and Event Coordinator of Pedal for the Puzzle. As a former patient care professional, helping people is one of her greatest passions, and she’s excited to have the opportunity to make a difference by helping raise funds and awareness for autism.


Kathleen Ohleth, CFO

Dr. Ohleth is president and founder of Precise Publications, LLC, with more than two decades of scientific training, publication planning, and medical writing experience. She received her undergraduate degree in Animal Sciences from Rutgers University’s Cook College in New Brunswick, NJ. Afterwards, she received her PhD in Reproductive Biology from the Graduate School of Rutgers University and then did a postdoctoral fellowship at Schering-Plough in Kenilworth, NJ. Dr. Ohleth is committed to giving back to the community. As an avid cyclist, she has long participated in rides to raise money for causes such as cancer, diabetes, autism, and multiple sclerosis. In 2010, she created her own ride with the help of colleagues and friends. Since a number of her friends and employees have children with an autism diagnosis, she decided to use the ride to raise money for autism awareness. Since then, Pedal for the Puzzle has become a thriving nonprofit. As Chief Financial Officer and one of the principal founders, Dr. Ohleth is proud to watch it grow every year.


Scott Holmes, Secretary

Scott is a senior executive in the Biopharma industry, with a 20+ year history of transforming commercial performance within global organizations, including Merck, Pharmacia, Tercica, and now Celgene. Scott’s track record includes improving patient access to innovative hematology/oncology, immunology, and endocrinology treatments in the US, Japan, Australia, India, and Latin America. Scott received his Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Rutgers University and earned his Master of Business Administration degree in Finance from The University of Texas at Austin. Scott serves as Secretary of Pedal for the Puzzle, and willingly shares his expertise in business and management to support the cause.


Robert Tommaselli