Thank You Town Bar & Kitchen

Town This journey began more than 7 years ago on Cambridge Avenue in the Riverdale section of the Bronx. With exposure to New York City’s wildly diverse culinary culture, we were able to experience something bigger than any textbook could ever teach. We were inspired by hospitality!

Deep family roots and a desire to create a unique customer experience led us to Morristown, NJ where Cambridge Wines was founded. Morphing from a philosophy to an identity, we were able to create a welcoming place for people to learn, taste, and experience wines from around the world. We are more ambitious than ever and ready to dive deeper into the art of food, wine, and hospitality.

TOWN bar + kitchen is the culmination of years of ideas, values, and hard work which have allowed us to keep this adventure moving forward. The diversity of our team has contributed significantly to our success thus far and we are excited to share our passion with you. Welcome to TOWN!